Gare de Strasbourg France Domed station covered by a facade.

ストラスブール駅 Strasbourg

Strasbourg is approximately two hours from Paris by TGV.

Its gateway is the Gare de Strasbourg (Strasbourg railway station).

The domed building has a unique appearance not seen at other stations.

Of course, it is not just its appearance, but also its station, which is the second busiest in France, apart from Paris.

We would like to introduce you to Strasbourg railway station.

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Gare de Strasbourg


Gare de Strasbourg

Address:20 Place de la Gare, 67000 Strasbourg, France


1841 Opened as Gare de Koenigshoffen .

However, this station was not in its current location and was a distance from the centre, so construction of a new station soon began.

The old Strasbourg station (Gare du Marais-Vert) opened in 1846.

Its station is used until 1883, after which it is used as a market.

It was then demolished in 1974 and is now a shopping mall called Place des Halles.

In 1883, the current station, Strasbourg, was opened.

The facade was built between 2006 and 2007.

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Exterior view of Gare de Strasbourg.

The domed shape is quite presentable from a distance.

Unfortunately, it was raining that morning, so things are a little hazy.

Exterior view of Gare de Strasbourg.

This photo was taken in the evening.

The weather has improved and the station looks spectacular in the setting sun.

This is Place de la Gare in front of the train station.

In front of the station is Place de la Gare.

CTS entrance.

There is also a CTS (tram) entrance in the centre of the square.

However, it is also possible to go directly from Strasbourg Station to the tram station Gare Centrale without entering from here.

View from the square towards Grande Île de Strasbourg.

View from the square towards Grande Île de Strasbourg.

Beautiful streets of Strasbourg

There is also a height restriction, which, combined with the evening sky, makes for a beautiful view.

Inside a station

Entrance to Gare de Strasbourg

Inside the large facade, the old station buildings are still intact.

This is a view inside the façade of the Gare de Strasbourg.

It is very convenient to get around in the rain without getting wet.

The tram entrance is at the bottom left.

This is a view inside the façade of the Gare de Strasbourg.

It can be seen that the entire front of the station has been covered with a facade.

The station did not seem as crowded as the main stations in Paris.

Gare de Strasbourg Information

Information counters are also located within this facade.

This is a view of the Gare de Strasbourg train station.

The station has an old-fashioned feel.

The stained-glass windows are also reminiscent of the old station.

Stained-glass windows in Gare de Strasbourg

The station is very European.

The hanging lights are also very nice.

Timetable at the station.

When returning, check the timetable for the departure platform.

Pathway leading to the station platform.

Go up to the destination platform through the passageway.

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Security in the station is not a particular problem.

There will be pickpockets etc, but not as many as in Paris.

Pay attention to your surroundings within normal limits and you will be fine.


There are two toilet facilities at the station.

The fee for each is EUR 0.9.

Follow the signs and you will soon find it.

Coin-operated lockers

Strasbourg train station also provides coin lockers for a fee.

Prices are €5.5, €7.5 and €9.5, depending on the size.

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I have been to many train stations in France and even in Europe, but Strasbourg station looks like no other.

The idea was to cover the original station with a facade, creating an appearance that is not only convenient, but also looks like a spaceship.

The shape is very enjoyable when viewed from a distance, but one regret is that the entire station could not be captured in one photograph.

However, the camera performance of modern smartphones has improved considerably, so next time I visit, I will definitely try to show the whole picture.

Thank you again for reading to the end of this issue.

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