Brasserie Excelsior Nancy France Breakfast in an Art Nouveau restaurant

ブラッスリー・エクセルシオール・ナンシー Nancy

When you come to Nancy, your first stop should be BRASSERIE EXCELSIOR NANCY.

The Art Nouveau building and interior are still preserved today and are very rare in France.

The name ‘brasserie’ means that there is a wide variety on the menu, and it is open until late at night, but what is particularly recommended is the breakfast menu.

You can choose your breakfast from a selection of three courses, depending on the quantity, so it is not a particular problem if you do not understand French.

A breakfast surrounded by art nouveau works of art is an absolutely unique and wonderful experience.

A stop here at the beginning of your sightseeing trip will motivate you and will be a great start to your day.

Now let me introduce you to some of them.

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Address:50 Rue Henri-Poincaré, 54000 Nancy, France

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 08:00~00:30 Sunday, Monday 08:00~23:00

Closed: None

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1911 Opened by Brasseur (brewer) Louis Moreau.

With its Art Nouveau exterior and interior decorated with works by Nancy School artists and sculptors, the shop has earned a reputation in France as a shop that brings French traditions to the present day.


Exterior view of Brasserie Excelsior Nancy.

The shop, located on the corner of Rue Mazagran and Rue Henri-Poincaré, has a more relaxed atmosphere than one might expect when viewed from a distance.

The building, built by Lucien Weissemburger and Alexandre Mienville, may be better seen up close.

Entrance to Brasserie Excelsior Nancy.

When approaching the shop, there was an atmospheric entrance on the corner, so we tried to enter from here, but unfortunately this was closed.

(may be due to construction work etc.).

Exterior view of Brasserie Excelsior Nancy.

The entrance was on the Rue Henri-Poincaré side.

Art Nouveau glass window at the entrance.

The shop’s logo is in the Art Nouveau typeface Arnold Böcklin.

It is recommended to walk down the street and admire the glass piece by piece.

Beautiful Art Nouveau typeface on the door.

Very beautiful typeface.


Interior of Brasserie Excelsior Nancy.

You enter the shop through a long curtain.

The chandeliers are eye-catching.

Art Nouveau chandeliers.

Art Nouveau chandeliers and ceilings, a unique atmosphere like no other.

Bar counter.

The bar counter is ordinary, but the shelves behind it attract the eye.

Mirror with beautiful curved lines.

Mirror with beautiful curved lines.

Gentle light illuminates mahogany walls.

Gentle light illuminates mahogany walls.

Panoramic view of Brasserie Excelsior Nancy.

Seats were taken at the far end by the window.

It was a very good seat with a panoramic view of the restaurant.

Inside Brasserie Excelsior Nancy.

The restaurant was very empty as it was a little off breakfast time.

Nevertheless, a few locals were present.

Garçon de Brasserie Excelsior Nancy.

Garçon only speaks French.

Exit at the front of the shop.

Behind the main entrance to the shop.

I wanted to enter the shop from here because of my mood.

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Toilets are located at the bottom of the stairs at the entrance to the restaurant we have just entered.

Stairs leading down to the basement of EXCELSIOR.

There is a toilet at the end of a staircase decorated with a large mirror.

It is free to use and there is no specific PIN or other type of PIN.


Brasserie Excelsior Nancy menu.

The menu is simple.

I don’t think I’ve seen these simple menus recently.

Brasserie Excelsior Nancy menu.

Beverages are available here.

Brasserie Excelsior Nancy menu.

Breakfast and other menus can be found on the facing page.

Brasserie Excelsior Nancy menu.

The last page is dessert.

All menus here are also basically in French.

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Breakfast at Brasserie Excelsior Nancy.

This time I ordered Le petit déjeuner “EXCELSIOR”.

As shown in the menu above, there are three breakfast options to choose from, but I chose the most expensive course.

Breakfast at Brasserie Excelsior Nancy.

The mini baguettes were very tasty.

Croissants and pain au chocolat are normal.

Butter is isney butter.

Fried eggs.

Eggs had a choice of cooking methods.

Fried eggs and bacon.

Scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs.

Is it the French way to put the whole pan on the plate?

Breakfast at Brasserie Excelsior Nancy.

The bill was €27.8 for two people.

With tip, the breakfast cost €30.

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The overall rating is as follows on a 5-point list.



Exterior: ★★★★☆

Interior: ★★★★★


Store clerk : ★★★★☆

Ease of purchase: ★★★★☆

Location: ★★★★★

Taste is generally average.

However, the mini baguettes were very tasty.

The exterior of the building is Art Nouveau, but it looks simpler than I had imagined.

The interior is unquestionable.

It is a very enjoyable space because everything I see is of interest to me.

The price seems reasonable.

Staff were not particularly friendly, but they were satisfactory.

Garçon was French-only but very pleasant.

Ease of ordering, but this time it was only breakfast, so there were no problems with the French language.

The location could not be more perfect and convenient as it is visible from Nancy train station.

It is still worth a visit as the interior is excellent.

The restaurant is spacious, so it was no problem to stay longer!

However, the time of year we visited was winter, and it was somewhat cold inside the restaurant.

The Art Nouveau atmosphere can be enjoyed to the full, making it an unmissable spot for a visit to Nancy.

Thank you again for reading to the end of this issue.

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