Musée Rodin Paris Plan your visit, Admission fees, travel times and maps.

ロダン美術館 paris
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“Rodin’s The Thinker”, I think it is no exaggeration to say that there is not a single person who does not know it.

The Rodin Museum, which created such world-class sculptures, is located in the heart of Paris.

The Louvre and other famous museums are good, but they are inevitably overcrowded with many tourists.

The Rodin Museum is a relatively uncrowded museum where you can admire the works at your leisure.

As well as Rodin’s work, you can also wander through paintings by famous artists such as Van Gogh and Renoir, and the gardens, famous for the beauty of their roses.

We would like to introduce you to the Rodin Museum, which is full of attractions.

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Musée Rodin


Musée Rodin

Address:77 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-18:30

Closed: Monday

Nearest metro station: Varenne Metro line 13

Admission fee

Ticket for admission to the Rodin Museum.


Under 18 years: free


Billet jumelé Rodin Paris + musée d’Orsay(Common ticket with Musée d’Orsay):24€

Paris Museum Pass valid.

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Rodin used it as his studio for 10 years from 1908.

The Rodin Museum opened in 1919.

The l’hôtel Biron, where Rodin’s works are exhibited, was completed in 1732.

When the government decided to purchase the Hotel Billon in 1911, Rodin asked to keep the building as a museum in return for donating his work to the government.

Rodin’s request was heeded and the museum was not demolished but continued as a museum.

Unfortunately, Rodin died before the museum opened.

“Je donne à l’Etat toute mon œuvre plâtre, marbre, bronze, pierre, et mes dessins ainsi que la collection d’antiques que j’ai été heureux de réunir pour l’apprentissage et l’éducation des artistes et des travailleurs. Et je demande à l’Etat de garder en l’hôtel Biron qui sera le musée Rodin toutes ces collections, me réservant d’y résider toute ma vie.”

Auguste Rodin – Correspondance de Rodin, tome III, 1908-1912, lettre n° 103 à Paul Escudier, fin 1909

Source: official website of the Rodin Museum. L’HÔTEL BIRON

Time required

As well as sculptures, there are also paintings on display, so you can look around without getting bored.

There are many Rodin’s works, not only in the museum but also in the gardens, so it will take you quite some time to look around.

If you look around quickly, you can see the whole place in 40 minutes in the museum and 30 minutes in the gardens, or 1 hour 30 minutes overall.

However, the gardens are large, so it will take two to three hours if you take your time to look at the artworks and admire the gardens.

(We recommend that you allow plenty of time for your visit, especially during the pleasant months and when the roses are in bloom, as the gardens are very spectacular).

Map of the museum

Map of the museum

map of the musée Rodin

The entrance is in the front part of the image.

There is a luggage check as soon as you enter.

After the baggage check, there is a ticket desk in the building on the right, where you can purchase or present your ticket.

The first building mainly houses the exhibition and gift shop.

Rodin’s works are exhibited in the museum and garden, which is the back building.

Map of the museum

This is a map of the museum.

Paintings by Van Gogh and others are on the first floor.

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Musée Rodin

The well-kept gardens are another highlight.

The garden.

It’s a very beautiful garden.

View from the first floor of the museum.

View from the first floor of the museum.

There is a fountain at the back.

Inside the museum

Interior of the museum.

Everything in the museum is full of attractions.

Picture of the building Staircase

It is recommended to admire not only the artworks, but also the building itself.


The Rodin Museum has many fascinating works on display.

Another attraction is the variety of artworks that can be viewed in the gardens.

The following are the main works.

Auguste Rodin(1840-1917)

Auguste Rodin Le Penseur

Le Penseur

The Thinker is still the first must-see at the Rodin Museum.

Auguste Rodin 地獄の門

La Porte de l’enfer

Rodin put considerable effort into the production of this work in his later years.

The stunning artwork is well worth a visit.

Vincent Van Gogh (1853 -1890)



It is a pleasant surprise to see Van Gogh’s work at the Rodin Museum.

Many other collections are also on display.

For other works, see the following articles.

Musée Rodin Paris Collections, Citizens of Calais, The Gates of Hell, Van Gogh, Renoir
The Rodin Museum is located in the heart of Paris. Its collection is considerably more extensive than one might imagine....
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Gift shops

The gift shop is located in the first building, as you can see from the map we have just shown you.

In addition, it is possible to see the products on sale on the official website.

If you plan to buy something, you can save time by checking in advance.

Musée Rodin La boutique

View of the gift shop at Musée Rodin.

The exit and gift shop are in the same direction.

View of the gift shop at Musée Rodin.

The space is quite large.

The range of products on sale is also more extensive than in a regular museum.

This is on the right as you enter, and the wooden box contains Rodin’s masterpiece.

It costs around EUR 120, which seems expensive to buy as a souvenir,…

View of the gift shop at Musée Rodin.

The sales area extends to the rear.

View of the gift shop at Musée Rodin.

There is also a wide range of tote bags and pouches.

View of the gift shop at Musée Rodin.

The counter contains book-related items.

View of the gift shop at Musée Rodin.

At the end of the hall, a postcard is placed.

View of the gift shop at Musée Rodin.

Authentic works of art are also available in glass cases.

Some exceed several thousand euros.

View of the gift shop at Musée Rodin.

The exit is a little confusing, but it is at the orange glass door.

This piece, LE BAISER 85 CM, placed at the exit, is priced at EUR 34.800.

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To be honest, I wasn’t expecting it, as I wasn’t really interested in sculpture, but it was fantastic.

Looking at the various works of art, I somehow became completely fascinated by sculpture.

I would like to invite all of you to visit this museum, even if you are not normally interested in sculpture.

Thank you again for reading to the end of this issue.

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