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Important Notice

Thank you very much for visiting us every day.
From 20 April 2019, buses in Paris have been changed on most routes.
All the routes on this page have been changed to a new route.
In addition, all the linked routes below have been updated to the latest route. Please refer to it when you visit Paris.

This time, I will introduce the route from Line 40 to Line 48.

There is a difference in convenient depending on the route, but there are also recommended routes.

In particular, Line 42 and Line 45 are great value for those staying between Gare du Nord and Opéra.

Paris Buses RATP are assigned numbers from lines 20 to 96.

There are not all numbered buses, but there are 60 routes in total.

It is difficult to grasp all of them, but please check the easy-to-use routes against the actual route one by one.

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Paris Bus Complete Guide Line 40 to Line 48

Line 40

Paris Bus Line 40
Paris Bus Line 40

Paris Bus Ligne 40

April 2019 Revised version

Line 40 runs between Le Peletier and Mairie du 18e – Jules Joffrin.

It is a route that runs around Sacré-Cœur, so it is recommended for those who do not want to go up a hill.

Paris Bus Line 40

It is a recommended route for those staying around Gare du Nord to go sightseeing at Sacré-Cœur.

However, the area around Sacré-Cœur is often crowded, so it may take longer than expected.

Especially on the way back, it will be downhill, so I think it is faster to walk to the metro station on foot.

It is a route that I want to use well according to the schedule of the trip.

Paris Bus Line 40

It is an EV bus, it is environmentally friendly.

The size is compact and cute bus.

Line 42

Paris Bus 42
Paris Bus Line 42


April 2019 Revised version

Line 42 runs between Boulogne – Ile Seguin and Gare Saint-Lazare.

There was a major route change in the April 2019 revision.

The section to Parc André Citroën and L’église de la Madeleine has not changed, but the route from L’église de la Madeleine to Gare du Nord has changed to Gare Saint-Lazare.

Away from Parc André Citroën, it runs further across the Seine and goes to Ile Seguin, so it is a fairly long distance.

It is a line that is a little less attractive than before, but it is still very active in sightseeing.

Saint-Lazare Station, Madeleine Temple, Place de la Concorde, Champs-Elysées and Franklin D Roosevelt Station.

Then, cross the Seine, through Pont de l’Alma.

Then cross Champ de Mars Park at the foot of Eiffel Tower.

You will visit quite a few popular tourist spots.

With the exception of the Louvre museum and Arc de Triomphe, it’s an excellent line 42 that will take you to almost everything you can see.

(The Louvre also arrives quickly, through Jardin des Tuileries, if you get off at Place de la Concorde)

(The Arc de Triomphe is also right in front of you if you get off at Franklin D Roosevelt Station.)

If you don’t have time, just take a bus and pass by, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun.

Paris Bus 42

Line 43

Paris Bus 43
Paris Bus Line 43


April 2019 Revised version

Line 43 runs between Neuilly–Bagatelle and Gare du Nord.

In the 2019 revision, it was classified as a line that had changed, but we looked at the route and found no changes in particular.

Please note that there may be changes to the stops, etc.

After departing from Gare du Nord, cross the 9th arrondissement and head to Saint-Lazare Station.

From Saint-Lazare station, you will not go to the Arc de Triomphe, but via the Ternes station to the ring road.

All that’s left is to aim for the end point, Newly – Bagatelle.

Unless you have accommodation on the route, it’s a route you don’t use very much.

The final point, Nuuilly–Bagatelle, is located in Bois de Boulogne, so it may be worth a visit if you’re heading here.

You may also want to visit the recently talked about Fondation Louis Vuitton.

However, the above two tourist spots can be substituted on other routes, so I think that it is not necessary to use them.

Line 45 – New –

Paris Bus Line 45
Paris Bus Line 45


April 2019 Revised version

Line 45 is new.

It left Place de la Concorde and headed towards Gare du Nord, so it’s a fairly easy-to-use route.

After departing from Place de la Concorde,through L’église de la Madeleine, Opéra and Lafayette Street.

There are no tourist spots away from Gare du Nord, so I don’t think you will be going there.

In addition, it is a very convenient route for those who are staying near Peltier Station from around Gare du Nord and plan to take a Roissy bus to the airport when returning home.

When you get on from the bus stop between Gare du Nord and Peltier Station, the Opéra Arrival stops directly behind the Roissy bus.

Even if there is a heavy luggage such as a suitcase, there is no travel distance, so you can transfer very easily.

Line 46

Paris Bus Line 46
Paris Bus Line 46


April 2019 Revised version

Line 46 runs between Château de Vincennes and Gare du Nord.

It is a route that did not change in the revision in April 2019.

After leaving Gare du Nord, it is a route that crosses the 11th and 12th arrondissements through Gare de l’Est to Bois de Vincennes.

If you are going to Bois de Vincennes, unless you stay on the way, I think that it is a route that you will not use in particular.

Line 47

Paris Bus Line 47


April 2019 Revised version

Line 47 runs between Fort du Kremlin-Bicêtre and Châtelet.

In the 2019 revision, the distance has been shortened.

It has been changed to Châtelet departure from the previous departure from Gare de l’Est.

Other routes have not changed.

It doesn’t go through many tourist spots.

It is the means of transportation to The Right Bank and The Left Bank.

In addition, there are many accommodations such as hotels in Place d’Italie on the route, so it may be used often as a means of transportation to the center for those staying in this area.

Line 48

Paris Bus No. 48
Paris Bus Line 48


April 2019 Revised version

Line 48 runs between Gare du Nord and Porte des Lilas.

In the 2019 revision, the route was shortened.

From Gare du Nord, cross the 19th arrondissement and take the ring road to the end point Porte des Lilas.

There are no tourist spots in particular, so I don’t think it will be used by tourist.

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Due to the revision in 2019, the convenient route was considerably limited.

Line 40, Line 42, and Line 45 are important.

Please use these three routes actively.

Other than that, it is a route that will not be used unless there is accommodation.

Please try to combine well with your travel plan.

Thank you for reading to the end this time.

How to get on the bus and how to purchase a ticket are introduced below.

If you are new to Paris bus use, please check before reading here and you will understand smoothly.

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