Roissy Bus Complete Guide From Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris City

ロワシーバス パリ 空港 paris
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The Roissy bus is an easy way to get around Paris, even for first-time visitors.

Once you depart from Charles de Gaulle Airport, you can travel directly to Paris city without stopping along the way.

The Roissy bus is also safe, and you can sit in the seat, so you don’t have to worry about suitcases or other heavy luggage.

This is a good thing, but of course it has its disadvantages as well as its advantages.

So let me quickly introduce you to Roissy Bus.

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Take a Roissy bus from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris City

Practical information

Roissy Bus

service areaCDG (Charles de Gaulle Airport) ⇔ Paris (Opera)
stopping pointCDG (Terminal 1, Terminal 3, Terminal 2AC, 2D, 2EF), Opera
operating hoursCharles de Gaulle Airport ⇒ Opera
6:00 AM to 8:45 PM every 15 minutes
PM8:45 ~ AM00:30 every 20 minutes
operating hoursOpera ⇒ Charles de Gaulle Airport
5:15 AM to 8:00 PM, every 15 minutes
8:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM, every 20 minutes
PM10:00 ~ AM00:30 every 30 minutes
Rates13.7 Euro
(Prices increase frequently. Please keep checking for the latest information)


Please note that the prices are different if you buy the tickets in advance from the ticket machine or directly from the driver.

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How to get from Terminal 2E to Roissy Bus Terminal

ターミナル 2E

In this article, I will use Terminal 2E as an example.

JAL (Japan Airlines) and Air France arrive at this Terminal 2E.

The image above is a floor plan of Terminal 2E, near the exit.

When you exit the Arrival in the middle, go straight.


The sign above has Bus on it.

It’s a little confusing, but go straight ahead.

There are a lot of illegal cab drivers around here, so be careful.

If you are considering taking a cab to the city of Paris, be sure to take it from the cab stand.


On the way to the bus stop, there is a British supermarket, Marks and Spencer.

If you need something to drink, don’t forget to buy it, as this is the last place you can buy anything.


There is also a cafe and restrooms on the right.

This is also the last place to use the restroom on the way to Paris City, so don’t forget to use it.

The Roissy bus will take you to Paris city in about an hour.

However, depending on traffic congestion, it may take up to an hour and a half.

Also, when you arrive at the opera, be sure to stop by the hotel if it is a distance away.

シャルルドゴール空港 ロワシーバス

Further down the corridor, you will come to a less popular passage.

The photo was taken from the opposite side.
If you walk from Arrival, you will feel like you are coming from the back of the picture.

シャルルドゴール空港 ロワシーバス

You will see the exit for the Roissy bus stop on your left, go out here.

シャルルドゴール空港 ロワシーバス

When you get outside, the first stop will be the Roissy bus stop.

If the Roissy bus hasn’t just left, you’ll recognize it because people are lined up as you can see in the picture.

How to purchase a bus ticket

To use the Roissy bus, you need a ticket, of course.

From the Roissy bus exit, go straight further down the corridor to find a ticket vending machine.


There are two vending machines at the end of the corridor, so please use them to purchase tickets.


The screen operation can be displayed in English, so it is not so difficult.

Cash is accepted, but credit cards are recommended for purchases.

The process is smooth, and cash is better used while sightseeing in Paris.

It is also possible to buy directly from the bus driver, but please note that the fare may be different.

If you already have a Navigo, you can recharge it here.
Don’t worry, you don’t need to go to the RER station to recharge!

How to take the bus


The Roissy bus has two cars, and you board through the front door.

There will be a ticket check, so please have your tickets ready in advance.

パリ バス

When you board the bus, there is a box like this, so be sure to put your ticket through here.

If you forget to pass your ticket through here, you may be fined a large amount of money even if you have a ticket when the ticket check comes, so please do not forget to do so even in crowded.


Inside the bus, the seats are arranged in various directions like this.

Also, suitcases can be placed on a special shelf.

(There are no stops along the way, so you don’t have to worry about theft.)

As you can see in the picture, the Roissy Bus has a sign for Free Wifi, but you can’t use it.

It may vary depending on the bus you use, but I think it’s best to think of yourself as lucky if you can use it.

Opera stop

The Opera stop on the Roissy bus will be here.

It is located at the corner of rue Scribe and rue Auber.


If you are arriving from Charles de Gaulle airport, you will be a little further back, on the Lafayette side.

Be careful when you get off the Roissy bus.
The bus ride from the airport to the Opera is safe, so it is easy to relax, but once you get off the bus, you are already in Paris.

There are pickpockets and snatchers who target tourists here, so please be careful with your suitcases, Boston bags, and other personal belongings when you get off the bus.
Always be aware of your surroundings when getting off the bus.

How to get from Opéra to Charles de Gaulle Airport

ロワシーバス オペラ

When you take the Roissy bus from the Opera to Charles de Gaulle Airport, there is no problem because the departure and arrival points are at the same place where you arrived, so you can just go to the same place.

Stopped buses will depart in order, starting with the first one.


Tickets can be purchased from ticket vending machines or from the bus driver.

In some situations, such as when the bus driver is getting off the bus, you may have to purchase a ticket from a ticket machine.

(It’s often not working due to malfunction.)

ロワシーバス オペラ

Depending on the time of day, it may be crowded as shown in the picture, so try to get there early.

Once the bus departs, the next stop is Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Check the terminal your airline uses well in advance to make sure you get off at the right one.

Advantages and Disadvantages



  • Close to the terminal exit to the boarding area
  • Non-stop from the airport to the opera
  • Definitely a sit-down ride
  • Low fares
  • Safe on the bus
  • The bus stops in front of the terminal when you go to the airport, so you don’t have to move around the airport


  • You have to go around all the terminals.
  • You can get stuck in traffic jams
  • If you have a lot of luggage, it can be difficult to get it onto the bus
  • Difficult to get around afterwards unless you are staying in a hotel in the Opera area
  • If you’re at the airport at the wrong time, you’ll have to wait for a bus
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The safest and easiest way to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris city is by Roissy bus.

There is a bus stop right outside the terminal, so you can get around without getting lost.

Also, the way to purchase a ticket is not complicated, so even beginners will have little trouble.

One of the most important aspects of using the Roissy bus is that it arrives at the Opera.

As I mentioned above, if you have a hotel or other place far from the Opera, you will have to travel again, which may reduce the attraction by half.

Please consider how you will get from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris city with this in mind.

Thank you again for reading to the end of this article.

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