Boulangerie LEROY MONTI Paris Winner of the 2019 Baguette Competition Miracle baguette made by a former national railway employee.

パリ パン屋 paris

In 2019, the winner of the baguette competition is Boulangerie LEROY MONTI.

Located on Avenue Daumesnil, off the 12th arrondissement of Paris, the shop is smaller than you might imagine.

The bakery won the baguette competition for the second time in its participation.

Now, let me introduce you to some of them.

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Boulangerie LEROY MONTI

Practical information

Boulangerie LEROY MONTI

Address:203 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, France

Opening hours: 07:30-20:30, Tuesday-Sunday.

Closed: Monday.

Nearest station: Daumesnil Metro lines 6 and 8

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The owner, Fabrice Leroy, originally worked as a project manager for SNCF (French national railways).

Fabrice Leroy, who has an unusual background, started his bakery and won the baguette competition in only his second participation in the competition.


Exterior view of Boulangerie LEROY MONTI.

The green exterior is immediately noticeable as you walk from the nearest station.

The shops are smaller than you might imagine.

You can easily spot them as there is a queue outside at certain times of the day.

Exterior view of Boulangerie LEROY MONTI.

It has a simple appearance but is clean and very pleasing.

Baguette competition winner sticker.

The baguette competition winner sticker is eye-catching.

Taken with baguette sandwiches.


Baguette sandwich.

The shop is small but has a wide range of products on display.

A wide variety of baguette sandwiches.

I am not sure what to buy.

Croissants in the showcase.

As well as croissants, there will be a large number of viennoiseries.

There is also a range of classic breads.

There is also a range of classic breads.

The bread is displayed behind the counter.

The wall behind the counter is lined with baguettes and other classic breads.


Tarts and cakes are also available.

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Baguette sandwich.

Baguette sandwiches are quintessentially delicious.

Apple tart.

The apple tart was also very good!


The madeleines are also unquestionably delicious.

The shops that win top prizes in baguette competitions are basically boulangeries, so their cakes are often not very good.

However, this bakery is also quite good at sweet breads and pastries.

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The overall rating is as follows on a 5-point list.

Boulangerie LEROY MONTI


Exterior: ★★★★☆

Interior: ★★★☆☆


Store clerk : ★★★★★

Ease of purchase: ★★★★☆

Location: ★★☆☆☆

As for the taste, the baguettes, as well as the other products, were very good.

The exterior is very pleasing, with a uniform green colour scheme.

(I believe the exterior colour has now been changed.)

The shop is clean but has no special features.

Staff were very pleasant.

It is very easy to purchase.

The shop is small and the products are easy to see, making it easy to choose.

Location is unfortunately a negative point.

It may be for bread lovers, as there are no tourist attractions nearby and it is a distance from the centre.

Overall, the results were highly positive.

The shop is highly recommended, not only for its baguettes, but also for its sweet-related products.

However, the location is far from the city centre, so it may not be suitable for first-time visitors to Paris or those who are staying for only a few days.

If you like bakeries, this is the place to visit.

Thank you again for reading to the end of this issue.

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