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Important Notice

Thank you very much for visiting us every day.
From 20 April 2019, buses in Paris have been changed on most routes.
All the routes on this page have been changed to a new route.
In addition, all the linked routes below have been updated to the latest route. Please refer to it when you visit Paris.

Line 72 to Line 77 are very easy to use.

Especially, Line 72 is recommended of all buses.

Paris Buses RATP are assigned numbers from lines 20 to 96.

There are not all numbered buses, but there are 60 routes in total.

It is difficult to grasp all of them, but please check the easy-to-use routes against the actual route one by one.

This time, I will introduce the route from Line 70 to Line 76.

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Paris Bus Complete Guide Line 70 to Line 77

Line 70

Paris Bus Line 70
Paris Bus Line 70


April 2019 Revised version

Line 70 runs between Radio France and Hôtel de Ville.

There were some route changes in the April 2019 revision, but basically it is little different from the old route.

After departing Hôtel de Ville, cross the Seine through the Pont Neuf.

Then, the bus goes through Rue Saint-Sulpice and Rue de Sèvres and Rue Lecourbe.

Cross the Seine again across the 15th arrondissement.

Across the Seine is Radio France, the end point.

Line 70 is also a convenient route for sightseeing.

From Châtelet area, we will cross Pont Neuf, so I think the scenery around here is also very good.

Then, run through Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood and pass Église Saint-Sulpice, which became a hot topic in Dan Brown’s book.

You’ll also pass by Le Bon Marché department store.

I think the section up to this point is convenient for sightseeing.

In addition, Centre Commercial Beaugrenelle, just before the end of point, is a large shopping mall, so if you are tired of brand shopping, it may not be bad to stop by.

Line 71 – New –

Paris Bus Line 71


April 2019 Revised version

Line 71 was newly established in April 2019.

Unfortunately, the usability is not very good.

If you have accommodation around Nation, you may want to use it.

Line 72

Paris Bus 72
Paris Bus Line 72


April 2019 Revised version

Line 72 was extended in the April 2019 revision.

This route between Parc de Saint-Cloud and Hôtel de Ville has been extended to Gare de Lyon.

The recommended route of one of the best bus lines in Paris has been further upgraded.

After departing from Gare de Lyon, you’re followed by a run along the Seine, then through Rue de Rivoli, the Louvre Museum and Jardin des Tuileries, to Place de la Concorde.

After that, it continue to run along the Seine again.

After the Trocadéro, it runs along the Seine to the 16th arrondissement of Parc Sainte-Périne.

Then cross the ring road to the end point, Parc de Saint-Cloud.

The bus runs a considerable distance along the Seine, but the return route is two-thirds  along the Seine.

Paris Bus 72

Cross the Alexander III Bridge.

It is said to be the most beautiful bridge over the Seine.

There are no tourist spots ahead of Trocadéro, but if you want to take a bus all along the Seine, you may want to go to Radio France.

This is a route that you definitely want to use for sightseeing in Paris.

Line 73

Paris Bus 73
Paris Bus Line 73


April 2019 Revised version

Line 73 runs between La Garenne-Collombes Charlesbourg and Musée d’Orsay.

There were no changes in the April 2019 revision.

After departing from Musée d’Orsay, head to Place de la Concorde.

Then continue on Avenue des Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe.

After the Arc de Triomphe, continue straight along Avenue de la Grande Armée and cross the ring road.

After crossing the ring road, continue straight along Avenue Charles de Gaulle.

After the New Arc de Triomphe, La Défense, head to the end point, La Garenne-Collombes Charlesbourg.

Although it is quite a route in terms of distance, it goes straight on Avenue des Champs-Élysées, so I think it is a good sightseeing route.

However, I think that the only place past the Arc de Triomphe is La Défense, I think it will be a round trip between these.

La Défense itself is made up of office buildings and shopping centers, so it’s not a special attraction.

It is a recommended spot for those who have time during their stay.

Paris Bus 73

Line 73 is an excellent route from the Musée d’Orsay to the Arc de Triomphe.

Please note that some sections does not operate on Sundays or public holidays.

Line 74

paris bus ligne74
Paris Bus Line 74


April 2019 Revised version

Line 74 runs between Crichy – Berges de Seine and Châtelet.

There was a change in the bus stop in the 2019 revision.

The arrival and departure stations have been changed from Hôtel de Ville to Châtelet.

After departing Châtelet, from Rue de Rivoli, head towards Rue du Louvre.

Then follow the road to Rue Montmartre, Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, Rue Notre Dame de Lorette and Boulevard de Clichy.

Then, cross the ring road to the end point, Clichy – Berges de Seine.

Line 74 departs from the center, but surprisingly does not pass through tourist spots.

However, since it runs in the area where accommodation gathers, if you have accommodation around here, it may be an active route.

Line 75

paris bus ligne75
Paris Bus Line 75


April 2019 Revised version

Line 75 runs between Panthéon and Porte de Pantin.

In 2019, the arrival and departure locations have been changed from Pont Neuf to Panthéon.

This route is more distanced than the previous route.

Line 75 also departs from central Paris, but is not a very active route.

The main route is to travel from around Panthéon to Place de la République.

I think it depends on the accommodation.

Line 76

Paris Bus Line 76


April 2019 Revised version

Line 76 runs between Châtelet and Louise Michel.

In 2019, the arrival and departure locations have been changed from Louvre – Rivoli to Châtelet.

The route is slightly shorter.

After departing Châtelet, it runs along the Seine to Place de la Bastille.

Then cross the 11th and 20th arrondissements, crossing the ring road to the end point Louise Michel.

Line 76 also departs from central Paris, but the active section is between Châtelet and Place de la Bastille.

If you have the opportunity to use between these, it is a route that you want to actively utilize.

Line 77 – New –

Paris Bus Line 77


April 2019 Revised version

Line 77 was newly established in 2019.

Unfortunately, it is a route that is not very active in sightseeing.

I think that it will be used when moving from Paris Gare de Lyon to Bois de Vincennes.

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How was it?

Line 72 to Line 77 generally runs through the center of Paris, but there are quite a lot of differences in usability depending on the route.

Two new Lines were added, but it was disappointing on a route that was less convenient than I thought.

The most important line is Line 72.

This route along the Seine is very scenic, so it is a route that you want to actively utilize.

Line 70 and Line 73 are convenient depending on the situation

I think that the frequency of use of these will change depending on the destination.

Other routes depend on the property.

So please use them well depending on the situation.

Thank you for reading to the end again this time.

How to get on the bus and how to purchase a ticket are introduced below.

If you are new to Paris bus use, please check before reading here and you will understand smoothly.

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