Paris Bus Complete Guide Route Map Line 20 to Line 29 April 2019 Revised Edition

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Important Notice

Thank you very much for visiting us every day.
From 20 April 2019, buses in Paris have been changed on most routes.
All the routes on this page have been changed to a new route.
In addition, all the linked routes below have been updated to the latest route. Please refer to it when you visit Paris.

Paris Buses RATP are assigned numbers from lines 20 to 96.

There are not all numbered buses, but there are 60 routes in total.

It is difficult to grasp all of them, but please check the easy-to-use routes against the actual route one by one.

This time, I will introduce the route from Line 20 to Line 29.

How to get on the bus and how to purchase a ticket are introduced below.

If you are new to paris bus, please check before reading here and you will understand smoothly.

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Paris Bus Complete Guide From Line 20 to Line 29

Line 20

Paris Bus 20
Paris Bus Line 20


April 2019 Revised version

Line 20 runs between Louison Bobet and Porte des Lilas.

It is between Saint Lazare station and Place de la Republique that is active in tourism.

Departure is Louison Bobet.

From outside the ring road, take The Malesherbes Street straight towards Saint-Lazare Station.

The area around San Lazare station is a little different there and on the way back.

Via the opera, head to Place de la République.

Then pass through the Belleville station area and end point Porte des Lilas on the ring road.

Please note that there are some differences there and on the way back.

Line 21

Paris Bus 21
Paris Bus Line 21


April 2019 Revised version

Line 21 runs between Porte de Saint-Ouen – Hôpital Bichat and Porte de Gentilly, from the top to the bottom of Paris.

From Porte de Saint-Ouen, this route takes you through Saint-Lazare Station, through Opéra, and through the Louvre, Chatelet, Cité and Luxembourg.

On the way, we will cross the Seine, so the scenery is very good.

I’d like to make the most of Line 21.

I think that it is suitable for the transfer to Luxembourg park from Saint Lazare station to the sightseeing activity.

Line 22

Paris Bus 22
Paris Bus Line 22


April 2019 Revised version

Line 22 runs between Porte de Saint-Cloud and San Lazare Station.

From Saint-Lazare Station, head to the Arc de Triomphe.

Then head to Trocadéro, where you can see the Tour Eiffel.

I think that the route up to this point is active in normal sightseeing.

There are no general tourist spots ahead, so I don’t think you will use it in particular.

Between San Lazare and Trocadéro, Line22 runs almost the same route there and on the way back, please use it actively.

Line 24

Paris Bus Line 24


April 2019 Revised version

Line 24 runs between Panthéon and École Vétérinaere de Maisons-Alfort.

Before the revision in April 2019, it was a very fun route around the main tourist spots, but after the revision, it has been a route that is rarely used for sightseeing.

If you have accommodation on the route, you may use it from the Bercy station area to the Panthéon.

Line 25 – New –

Paris Bus Line 25


April 2019 New routes

Line 25 has been added in April 2019.

Unfortunately, this route is rarely used by tourists.

Line 26

Paris Bus 26
Paris Bus Line 26


April 2019 Revised version

Line 26 runs between Gare Saint-Lazare and Nation.

Line26 does not change the route even if it is revised in April 2019.

Departing from Saint-Lazare Station, take the road behind Printemps and Galeries Lafayette to Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est.

After that, it will head for Nation across the 19th and 20th arrondissements.

It is not a route used for sightseeing because tourist spots do not pass.

It is valid if the hotel you are staying at is on this route.

Line 27

Paris Bus 27
Paris Bus Line 27


April 2019 Revised version

Line27 runs between Gare Saint-Lazare and Porte d’Ivry.

This route does not change the route even if it is revised in April 2019.

Depart from Saint-Lazare Station, pass Opéra, and run between the Louvre museum and Jardin des Tuileries.

Then, follow the Seine, through the Luxembourg Park, and through Place d’italia, the center of the 13th arrondissement, to Porte d’Ivry.

Paris Bus 27

The highlight of Line 27 is the road between Jardin des Tuileries and the Louvre Museum.

You can see a slightly different scenery again if you take a bus around the place where you usually walk.

There are no special attractions ahead of luxembourg park without the hotel where you are staying.

Place d’italia has a little shopping mall, but it’s not a good place to go.

From Saint-Lazare to Luxembourg Park, there are plenty of attractions to see wherever you get off, so you have to make the most of this route.

Line 28

Paris Bus Line 28


April 2019 Revised version

Line28 runs between Gare Saint-Lazare to Gare Montparnasse.

The april 2019 revision shortened the overall route.

Previously, it was a route to Porte d’Orléans, but after the revision, it has been changed to a route to Montparnasse station.

From Saint-Lazare Station, head for Franklan D Roosevelt Station.

After Franklan D Roosevelt station, pass the Grand Palais, cross the Seine and head for Invalides.

Then, pass the Champs de Mars Park, a park right in front of the Eiffel Tower, towards Montparnasse.

It is not a bad route as a sightseeing route.

You can also get off at École Militaire and head to the Champs de Mars Park to enjoy the Eiffel Tower.

It is also recommended for those who go somewhere from Montparnasse Station or who are planning to go sightseeing around Montparnasse.

I think that you have to make the most of this route too.

Line 29

Paris Bus No. 29
Paris Bus Line 29


April 2019 Revised version

Line29 runs between Gare Saint-Lazare and Porte de Montempoivre.

In the April 2019 revision, the route was only slightly changed.

It is possible to use it as before.

Leave Saint-Lazare Station, pass Opéra, and head to Le Marais.

Then, via the Bastille, go through Lyon Station to Porte de Montempoivre.

Among the lines in the 20’s, it is a line that feels like moving rather than sightseeing.

Paris Bus No. 29

I think it’s a good route from around the Opera to Le Marais area.

In Le Marais area, there are many fashionable shops and cafes, including Place des Vosges, so please use Line 29 to visit.

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The route shown has been updated to the latest version of the April 2019 revision.

The old Line 20 to 29 departed from Saint-Lazare station on all lines.

For tourists, it was very easy to understand, but with the revision in 2019, some of the route changes significantly.

Line20 and Line21, the first bus stop of Saint-Lazare station extended, and the route itself became longer.

Line 22 and Line 29 are slightly changed, so you can use it as before.

Line 24 had a major change, and it was a bus that went around the main sightseeing spots, but after the change, it became a worthless route.

Line 25 will be a new line added in 2019.

However, it is a route that is not used by travelers at all.

Lines 26 and 27 are routes that have not changed at all.

Line 27 is a line that is very active in sightseeing.

Line 28 has shortened the route, but this is also a route that is active in sightseeing.

Even after the change, it is a route of Line 20 to 29 with many frequently used routes overall.

It may be the location of the hotel you are staying at, but if you are staying around The Opera and Saint Lazare Station, please try using only Line 20 to 29.

Not only first-time travelers, but also those who have visited Paris many times, you will be able to feel the charm of Paris different from usual.

I would be happy if the route map introduced could be useful for sightseeing even a little.

Thank you for reading to the end again this time.

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