France Travel Sim Card SFR LA CARTE CONNECT 15G Deals Card for €14.99

SFR-LA-CARTE-CONNECT france sim card paris

This time, I would like to introduce you to SFR LA CARTE CONNECT, a sim card of SFR, a major French telecommunication company.

Until now, we’ve introduced Orange Holiday, Free Mobile, Bouygues telecom that popular sim cards in France, but each of them has its pros and cons.

While SFR LA CARTE CONNECT has many disadvantages, it has an overwhelming advantage over other sim cards.

That’s the price.

If we compare the sim cards we have introduced so far, the price alone is
Orange Holiday > Bouygues telecom > Free mobile > SFR LA CARTE CONNECT. (H>L)

In this article, I would like to introduce the details of such low-cost sim cards.

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Price14.99 Euro
Internet speed4G (3G in some places)
Expiration date25-30 days
Available regionsFrance only

The most attractive thing is the price of 14.99 euros.

The price is even lower than that of Free Mobile, which is said to be the best sim card in France.

As for calls, I was told that I could not make outgoing calls.

However, a phone number will be assigned.

So I didn’t try outgoing calls, but I was able to receive calls without any problems.

As for the amount of data, it is 15G, which is slightly less than the capacity.

Until recently, 10G was available even for Orange Holiday.

Also, in my experience, if you are staying for 10 days or so, 5G is enough for daily internet research, Google maps, and social networking.

However, if you are browsing video sites such as YouTube or uploading large amounts of data, you may feel it is too small.

Internet speed is 4G.

SFR is said to be weaker in 4G compared to other telecom companies, but in actual use, it was not much different from Bouygues Telecom.

In some places, it was even rare that SFR would be 3G when Bouygues was 4G.

Either way, the signal was not very good inside the building.

Valid for 30 days.

I think this one is also longer and better than Orange Holiday.

This service is only available in France.

If you are planning to go to a neighboring country during your stay, it is better not to buy one.

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How to purchase at Charles de Gaulle Airport

Where to get and how to do it

In this article, I will show you how to purchase at Terminal 2, which is used by Air France.

You can buy them at RELAY kiosks, which is a familiar place in France, as I mentioned in my article on Bouygues Telecom.

Map of Terminal 2E in CDG Airport.

CDG Terminal 2

The above is the floor plan. After completing the customs inspection, you will go outside.

This is a view of Charles de Gaulle Airport before customs checks.

Once outside, head to the left.

The one labeled “Train” is the stop for the RER B line, so head that way.

If you are planning to take the Roissy bus to Paris city, the stop is straight ahead.

This time I am introducing RELAY on the way to the B line, but there is another RELAY at the back of Marks & Spencer.
If you plan to use Roissy Bus or Le bus direct, it is more convenient to use RELAY here.

However, most of the time, SFR sim cards are not sold in this RELAY.
As far as I can tell, they do not offer it.

Pathway to CDG RER B line.

After a while, you will see an escalator, so go up it.

Further on, you will see a moving sidewalk, and then RELAY will be on your right.

It has a bright red appearance, so you can’t miss it.

RELAY in CDG airport

Travel goods, snacks, and drinks are the main items sold.

RELAY in CDG airport

The sim card will be placed behind the sales clerk, so tell them you want to buy one.

To prevent theft, sim cards are kept by or behind the counter in all stores.
Don’t try to get it yourself, be sure to call out and have it taken.

The left green package in the second row from the top is the SFR SIM card.

What’s included in the package


What is included in the package is very simple compared to Orange Holiday and Bouygues telecom.

The size is a little larger than a business card.

It has a compact User’s Manual with the same design.

The reverse side of the SFR LA CARTE CONNECT package.

To open the package, simply pull on the incised strip.

SIM card body.

The sim card base is also the most compact I’ve ever used.

Of course, the size is multi-cut type, so it can be used with any smartphone.

How to activate

Activation of SFR LA CARTE CONNECT is very easy.

As with Bouygues Telecom, you need to operate it yourself, but there is no problem.

Just insert the SFR LA CARTE CONNECT sim card into your smartphone and you are done.

When you insert the sim card, the sim lock is applied and you will be asked for the passcode.

The number to be typed here is 0000.

To be honest, I was quite nervous because it is not mentioned anywhere on the package.
Please make sure you enter the correct number.
If you get it wrong three times, it will be locked for real.

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Procedures after activating

After activating and you’ll receive the following email:

Short message from SFR LA CARTE CONNECT.

First, you will receive a passcode, which you can access at the link or call 963.

This passcode will be the passcode for access at the link.

The next message is that you have 5 Euros worth of credit and 50M of data valid for 30 days.

Finally, you will be informed that the 15G data amount is valid for 25 days.

Note that it says 25 days, but my account shows the day of the week a month from now, so I think I can use it for 30 days.

Short message from SFR LA CARTE CONNECT.

You will receive the above email shortly thereafter.

Access codes for answering machines and instructions on how to change them.

If you do not use it in particular, you can ignore it.


In some cases, you may be linked to a screen where you can register your password and email address as shown above, in which case, please follow the instructions.

How to register as a user

SFR LA CARTE CONNECT requires user registration as well as other sim cards.

However, like Bouygues telecom, I didn’t receive a message a few days after the activation and received a notification a week after the activation.

If you will be returning home within a week, you may not need to do so.

Of course, the time it takes for the user registration email to arrive may vary from person to person.

(When I used it at a different time, I was contacted about three or four days later.)

Short message from SFR LA CARTE CONNECT.

It says to call 1023 or visit the site to complete the process of activating the line.

It is difficult to make a phone call, so access the address linked to this page.

How to create an account page

Open the page linked to in the short email you just received.

If the link does not open, or if you would like to complete the procedure on a PC, please click here.

SFR Formulaire d’identification

SFR personal data registration screen.

First, choose a title.

M: Male
Mme : Married Woman
Mlle : Single Woman


Prénom : Last name
Nom : First name
Date de naissance : Birthday

SFR personal data registration screen. Enter your address.

If you go to the bottom of the page,

Département de naissance : Place of birth,
but not on the list, so choose 99-Etranger (foreign).

After that, you will enter the address.

Please fill in the address of the hotel where you are staying.

This time, I entered the address of ACADIA HOTEL.


MOYENS DE CONTACT : How to contact you.
Here is your e-mail. The lower row is for confirmation, so please enter the same e-mail.

JUSTIFICATIF D’IDENTITÉ: You will be filled out with identification. It is a pull-down menu, so click it.


Select PASS : Passport second from the top.

Entry completed.

N°de justificatif : Enter your passport number.

This is the end of the input.

Input completion screen.

When the input is completed, the above screen will be displayed.

Now you can use it until within the validity period.

How to login to your account

Short message content.

Once your account is successfully registered, you will receive a short email as shown above.

To login to your account, click on the linked address and copy and paste the password that follows passe:

Top page of the account.

Your phone number is displayed on the page.

There’s not much to see, but to see how much data you’re using, tap Infos Conso.

(Conso stands for consommation.)

Check remaining data.

I think it will look like this.

On the first line,

Vous bénéficiez de 14.29G valables jusqu’au 13/12/2019

It is written, Valid at 14.29G until December 13, 2019.

This part of the data will be within the range that can be used remaining, so if you are worried about using too much data, please check it.

Various functions are available.

Tap Offre & Mobile to see more features and options.

I don’t understand it all, so if you are interested, you can try different things to your liking.

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How to top-up?

SFR’s top-up is very attractive.

Let’s take a look at the top-up method.

On the home page, tap Rechargement and then valider.

Tap on Rechargements on the My Account page as mentioned earlier.

You will then see the PC version of the page as shown above.

It may be a little difficult to see when operated with a smartphone.

Vous souhaitez recharger votre ligne : automatically enters your number.

In this state, tap the next valider.

Check that valider and voir les recharges have changed to red.

In the two boxes below, in Utiliser un code de rechargement and Recharger par CB ou sur facture, make sure that valider and Voir les recharges have changed to red.

Once you are in this state, you are ready to do a top-up.

First of all, the Utiliser un code de rechargeement on the bottom left is a surefire way to top up.

You can purchase a top-up card sold at RELAY and other kiosks and convenience stores.

Enter the 10 alphanumeric characters on the card and tap valider to complete the top-up.

And the other is the one with the frame that says Recharger par CB ou sur facture, which is how you top up on the internet.

When Voir les recharges turns red, tap it.

Top-up menu.

Then you can see all the top-up types of plans.

Select a plan that is suitable for your application.

You can narrow down the items in the box on the left, so check what you need.

Usages : use

Appels : Call

Illimitones : Unlimited

Internet: Internet

International : For International Use

Prix: Price

0€ à 5€

5€ à 20€

Supérieur à 20 euro : €20 or more

Sur mesure : Bespoke

Paiement : payment

Let’s see what kind of plan we actually have.

Call-only plan.

First of all, it is a plan of the person who needs the call.

Depending on the plan, the number of days that can be used is different.

Details of the selected plan.

For the 35 euro plan, you can use 35 euros for SMS, internet in France, etc., unlimited calls, and the plan is valid for 90 days.

I don’t think you need much of the plans that appear in Appels.

Unlimited plan.

Next, if you choose an unlimited plan, you’ll find an attractive plan.

Limited plan details.

If you look at the €30 plan, it’s only available online and for a limited time, but it’s a pretty attractive plan with 60G and unlimited calls and SMS within France.

If you want to save a little more money, there are also plans for 20.99 Euros and 10.99 Euros.

It may be good for those who stay longer or consume a lot of data.

Internet-only plan.

Next is the plan focused on the Internet.

Plan details.

This is also a limited plan on the web, but if you want to top up to 35 euros for 70G, 25 euros for 35 G, and 10 euros for 2G.

I think you will choose one of these.

Compared to Orange Holiday and Bouygues, the data is set to be quite cheap.

How to solve problems during your travels

When you have any trouble, the first thing you want to try is the following two points.

  • Turn off your phone
  • Re-insert the sim card

Surprisingly, either of these methods may solve the problem, so please try them first.

If it does not solve the problem, we recommend that you go to an SFR store near you.

If you turn it back on, you may be asked for a passcode, so enter 0000.

How to check your data usage

Checking the remaining amount of SFR LA CARTE CONNECT is very unique.

You can check it from your account as mentioned earlier, but you can also check it more easily via short mail.

Check the amount of data remaining via short message.

Send a short email (?) to 950.

Usually, I received the above reply within a minute, but there were many times when I did not receive a reply depending on the time and communication conditions.

If you don’t get a reply, please give it some time and try again.

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How was it?

I have just started using it, so there are some uncertainties, but overall, I recommend this sim card.

The price is less than half that of Orange Holiday or Bouygues, although it is limited to use within France.

It’s also cheaper than Free Mobile, although it doesn’t offer the same amount of data.

User registration is also completed via the Internet, so there is no need to go to an SFR store.

And for those who use a lot of data, I think the cheapness of the top-up data is one of the most attractive features. 

Why don’t you consider it as one of the candidates for choosing a sim card for your next trip?

Below is a guide about other French sim cards.

Some of the basic information has been omitted from this page, so please take a look at it as well so you can use your sim card without stress.

Thank you for reading to the end again this time.

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