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パリ お勧め ホテル paris
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The Hôtel Caumartinn Opera is at the top of the Astotel hotel group, one of the most recommended in Paris.

The hotel is located next to the Astra Hotel, which I have mentioned before, and it is really convenient to go anywhere.

The hotel is also slightly less expensive than Astra Hotel, so it is a good choice for budget-conscious travelers.

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Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

Practical information

Hôtel Caumartin Opéra – Astotel  ★★★

Address: 27 Rue de Caumartin, 75009 Paris, France

Neares station: Auber RER A , Opéra Line 3,7,8 Havre – Caumartin Line 3,9 

公式サイト:Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

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The Hotel Caumartin Opera is one of the Astotel Hotel Group hotels mentioned here.

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For more information about the Astotel Hotel Group, please read the article above.

I think you will find that it is incomparably more attractive than other hotels in Paris in the same price range.

Anyway, it’s full of free benefits, so please check it out.


Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

From the outside, there is only a small entrance facing the Rue des Caumartin, casually decorated with the words HOTEL CAUMARTIN.

If you don’t look carefully at the map, you may pass by it unintentionally.

The hotel next door is the Astotel Group’s Hotel Astra, so be careful not to make a mistake.

Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

The entrance is inside, with an auto-locking automatic door that is opened by a doorbell.

The whole place is built vertically, so you can hardly see the hotel from the outside.

Hotel Lobby

Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

As soon as you pass through the automatic door, you will see the reception counter on your left.

Please complete the check-in procedures here.

The photo is just past the counter.

Elevators, if not improved, will shake when they stop, so be careful not to spill your cup of coffee or anything like that.

Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

The restroom is at the far end of the hallway.

You can use it upon arrival or departure.

The lobby of the Hotel Caumartin is a bit small.

This is not the type of hotel where you can relax in the lobby.

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Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

I forgot to take a picture of the room, so I borrowed it from the official website.

The image shows a deluxe double or deluxe twin room, so it looks a bit spacious, but in reality, the room was rather small.

The rooms are small as only Paris can be, but the refrigerator and bathroom are fine.

Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

It’s not ideal for relaxing in your room, but considering that you’ll be sightseeing during the day, it’s not a problem.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

Here is the actual room.

It looks neat and clean.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

There is a kettle and instant coffee and tea.

The lack of drawers is a bit disappointing.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

Of course, there are free drinks in the refrigerator.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

The rooms are small, but clean.

The bedside is equipped with a power outlet.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

There are power outlets on both sides, but USB charging is only available on one side.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

The closet is rather small.

There is a hair dryer and a safety deposit box.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

The bathrooms are also small and Parisian in size.

The bathtub has a half-size glass door to prevent some splashing of hot water.

(Be careful, the floor will be flooded if you don’t use it properly.)

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

The water and hot water supply is at a problem-free level.

ホテル コーマルタン

If you have a room on the Caumartin Street side, you can overlook the street.


Even if you are on the street side, you don’t need to worry too much because you won’t see anything in particular.


Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

Breakfast is located at the back of the lobby on the left.

Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

To be honest, it’s not that spacious, but I don’t think it will be so crowded that you won’t be able to sit down, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

The variety of bread is rather small.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

Coffee is poured from a pot by yourself.

In the past, they used to bring it to each table…

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

There is also an espresso machine.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

Salads and hams are also less varied.

However, salads are not widely available in all hotels.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

There is also a small variety of fruits.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

The hot meal is also only sausage and eggs.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル


It is too high for short people to reach.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

The cereal is also placed in a subtle way.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

Cheeses are normal.

Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

The breakfast menu is a bit inferior compared to other Astotel groups.

I have no problems with the quality.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

If you choose well, you will be able to spend a few days without getting bored.


Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

Refreshments are served in the same room as breakfast.

It used to be available at the back of the lobby, but now the breakfast room is also available for light meals so that you can relax.

ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

It may not look like much because of the large counter, but there are apple tarts, croissants, various snacks, and even small tomatoes.

Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

The coffee is brewed by yourself in an espresso machine.

Hôtel Caumartin Opéra

A variety of beans are available, so if you are a coffee lover, it would be a good idea to compare them.

You’ll be surprised to know that Segafredo coffee is also available in decaf.

Surrounding Attractions

The area around the Hotel Caumartin Opera has everything you need.

There are few convenience stores, but you can go to the gourmet floor of Printemps and the gourmet pavilion of Galeries Lafayette within a few minutes walk.

If you still want something a little more affordable during your stay, you can use the following stores.

Carrefour City

Address:7 Rue de Caumartin, 75009 Paris, France

Business hours: Monday – Saturday 07:00~21:00, Sunday 9:00~13:00


Address: 47 Rue Joubert, 75009 Paris, France

Business hours: Monday to Saturday 09:00~22:00, Sunday 11:00~19:00

How to get to Charles de Gaulle Airport

From Charles de Gaulle Airport to Hotel Caumartin, it is convenient to take the Roissy Bus.

The Roissy bus stops slightly behind the Opera House, as shown on the map.

From there, take Rue Aubert, cross the street, continue on Rue Boudreaux, and you will soon reach Rue Caumartin.

It takes less than five minutes to get there from the bus stop, so you’ll be there in no time.

Other than the Roissy bus, there are other means of transportation such as the RER B line, but it is a long way to the North Station and you will need to travel again.

You can read more about Roissy Bus here.

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ホテル コーマルティン オペラ アストテル

As with the Hotel Astra that I mentioned before, the main attraction is its location.

If you take the Roissy bus from Charles de Gaulle airport, you can arrive without any problems even if you are a first time visitor to Paris.

The Louvre, Tuileries Park, and Place de la Concorde are all within walking distance, so even those who are worried about public transportation can enjoy sightseeing in Paris.

Of course, it is also very convenient to travel by public transportation.

Several metros and buses are available, and the RER A line will take you to Disneyland Paris without any transfers.

Anyway, I can recommend Hotel Caumartin Opera to both first-timers and repeat visitors.

If you are looking for a hotel to stay in Paris, please consider it as a candidate.

I’m sure you will have a great time.

The Hotel Astra next door is also part of the Astotel group, but the rates are basically lower at the Hotel Caumartin Opera.

(May be higher depending on availability)

I can recommend both hotels without any problem, but if you choose the one with the best price, I’d say Hotel Caumartin Opera.

If I had to choose one based on overall service, it would be Hotel Astra Opera.

For those who don’t mind spending money, I would recommend Hotel Astra Opera.

Thank you again for reading to the end of this article.

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